HAVA studios is a consulting and creative art studio for design, materials and process, project management, production, manufacturing and installation of all media types of visual space. We collaborate on creative projects, evaluating the visual aspects of each venture and recommending the best solutions. We work with architects, designers, event planners, musicians, theaters, artists, galleries, museums, film, small businesses of all kinds, organizations of all types and individuals to assist them in producing the concepts and visual elements they require.

HAVA is literally defined as “breath of life”. Creativity works when we ask ourselves what is worth while, what sustains life, and how we can infuse life into what is? In essence, it is both conservation and innovation rolled into one. We are here to encourage you that today is the day to start fresh or resuscitate a dream. ┬áTo proceed requires courage, collaboration and savvy. Allow us to assist you on your journey with our twenty years of experience in creative industries and the daily practice of refreshing perspectives. Together we will┬áreimagine the future, one project at a time.

art consulting, materials and process, project evaluation/consulting, custom production, project management, art, service, visual environments, museum quality display presentation cases, thematic elements, lighting, props, accessories, creative projects, event/film visuals

Remodeling and Home Design